2018 Idaho governor’s race election results

2018 Idaho governor’s race election results


Democratic Primary:

Paulette Jordan: 58.5%, 38,458 votes
A.J. Balukoff: 40.1%, 26,365 votes
Peter Dill: 1.5%, 962 votes

Republican Primary:

Brad Little: 37.3%, 72,391 votes
Raul Labrador: 32.6%, 63,397 votes
Tommy Ahlquist: 26.2%, 50,975 votes

Idaho’s governor’s race has been an expensive one, with candidates spending a combined $9 million.

Eight candidates were running for the state’s top spot, which has been claimed by Republican Butch Otter for the past twelve years.

Five Republicans and three Democrats made up the field of candidates. Tommy Ahlquist, Dalton Cannady, Raul Labrador, Brad Little and Steve Pankey were on the Republican ballot, while AJ Balukoff, Peter Dill and Paulette Jordan represented the Democrats running for governor.

The field of candidates spent a total of nearly $9 million on their primary campaigns, according to data from the Office of the Idaho Secretary of State. Of that $8.7 million, nearly $5.8 million was spent on broadcast advertising, including radio, television, internet and phone ads.