2017 could be the last First Night

2017 could be the last First Night

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and it’s time to start making plans for ringing in 2018. Why not end 2017 with a bang at Spokane’s largest visual and performing arts festival, First Night.

This year organizers say they’ve added events for families and adults. It’s a 17-year tradition that must be a success this year, or it may be the last. For the amount of effort organizers put in, they haven’t had the turnout they need.

They’re pulling out all the stops, from dance competitions to a film festival, ice skating and performances. At $15 a button, you will get a bang for your buck this New Year’s Eve.

Nanette Miller, Executive Director of First Night said, “we’ve got artists that are ready to show Spokane what they’ve got and we have stepped up our game a lot to make this quality on every level.”

Many of those artists will be appearing at First Night, for the first time, Like drum maker Micah Doering. He is a Spokane native and grew up going to the annual event.

“Its almost come full circle,” said Doering.

He owns Cask Drumcraft which uses local timber to make, wood drums.

First Night will showcase his newest model, a quartz core snare drum. The instrument has the most resonance as possible for a drum, and yes, you can try it out.

Doering added, “our patent should allow us to be the only company in the us that is making snare drums that have a quartz resin in the center of them.”

Lynn Ellsworth will also be making his First Night debut. He’ll be bringing with him guitars he’s made out of reclaimed wood.

“There’s just nothing on stage that comes close to them,” Ellsworth said.

If you don’t believe him, just ask some of the rock stars that he’s called clients.

“I’ve built Frankenstein for Eddie Van Halen, done them for Eric Clapton, the Stones, Scorpions,” Ellsworth explained.

In the past, First Night events have been far apart. This year, they’ve taken away all the excuses you might have to not come down and check it out. Free parking, shuttles and hot cocoa while you skate.

Miller added, “that $15 helps us keep the doors open. It helps us to develop programs to give back to our youth, arts and continue to do what we do so that this end of the year finale, is really a finale.”

Buttons and the First Night schedule are available now.