20 activities to stimulate your child’s brain this summer

kids baking

Reports have shown that students are falling behind as a result of virtual learning, but there are things you can do with your student to get them back on track.

Here is a list of ideas for activities you can do this summer to make your student is ready for school this fall.

  1. Let kids help in the kitchen. Incorportate math while cooking and baking
  2. Learn about other countries; play a game with a map
  3. Teach them how to garden
  4. Create a family time capsule
  5. Read a book together
  6. Start on some new art projects with extra things laying around
  7. Play board game
  8.  Put together a puzzle
  9. Use coloring books
  10. Print and complete educational worksheets from Education.com
  11.  Teach them how to play chess through ChessKid 
  12.  Introduce kids to coding 
  13. Practice math with items from around your home 
  14. Complete science experiments 
  15. If they have random questions – chances are there are some answers here from Wonderopolis 
  16. Learn how to play music with a few different apps 
  17.  Create a scrapbook
  18. Create a play or movie with your cell phones
  19. Explore online museums from all over the world 
  20. Find other programs this summer through the library

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