2 teens charged with attempted murder, assault in two Spokane shootings

Police lights
Credit: Grant County Sheriff's Office

SPOKANE, Wash. — Two teenagers have been charged with multiple felonies, including conspiracy to commit murder and attempted premeditated murder, in connection to two shootings in Spokane. 

An affidavit of facts identified the suspects as 17-year-old Tayvius A. Samson and 18-year-old Jaeshawn Singh-Fletcher.

The first shooting happened at the Centennial Hotel near downtown Spokane early in the morning on April 4. A victim told police he was approached by a group of people, including Samson and Singh-Fletcher, and a firearm was discharged at him. 

The second shooting happened at a home on E Garnet in North Spokane just hours later. 

According to the affidavit both the Samson and Singh-Fletcher pulled up to the house and yelled for someone inside. When the victim walked outside, shots were fired. 

The affidavit states that several bullets struck the exterior of the house and several went through walls and windows. At the time, multiple people, including several children, were sleeping inside. 

Surveillance footage showed a black Toyota at the scene of the crime and detectives found it when interviewing witnesses. The car was found outside of a house on E. Sanson, which is where Samson and Singh-Fletcher were taken into custody. 

A search warrant was executed on the house, as well as on the Toyota. Inside the home, detectives found clothing that matched what the suspects were seen wearing in surveillance photos. 

When the car was searched, a forensic specialist was able to recover several latent prints from the suspects. 

According to the affidavit, prints from the Samson were found on the passenger side front door and Singh-Fletcher’s prints were found on the driver door.

The affidavit states that Spokane Police are aware of and investigating several instances of violent crime related to an ongoing conflict between two gangs. 

As a result of the shootings, and because there were so many people inside the home on Garnet, the two suspects have been charged with first-degree attempted murder, seven counts of first-degree assault and two counts of drive-by shooting.