2 new addiction centers opening in North Idaho

SANDPOINT, Idaho– More help for people living with addiction is coming to North Idaho.

Drug treatment center Ideal Option is opening new clinics in Sandpoint and Kellogg. It received the state’s “response to the opioid crisis” grant and saw the biggest need to help in the panhandle. The new clinics are inside the Panhandle Health District Buildings so treatment is more visible and accessible.

When people walk through the door at Ideal Option they are taking their first step to overcoming addiction.

One of those people is Angela Jepson. She said the reason she’s getting help is for her family.

“To be the mom I need to be,” Jepson said.

Jepson was addicted to multipe drugs for years. She thought she would never escape, but medicated addiction treatment saved her life.

“Meth and heroine took over my addiction and my life, been fighting that real hard for the last seven years,” she added.

Now, she has a job, takes care of her kids and is becoming the person she’s always wanted to be.

“Being able to be there with my kids and have stability in my life right now is amazing. Two years ago, I would have never had thought I’d be where I am at today,” Jepson said.

Ideal Option’s two new satellite clinics in Sandpoint and Kellogg have doctors working with patients to find a medication plan that curbs their withdrawals and cravings without giving them a high.

“If you get your treatment plan, your support people and you get something going and you stick to it, it does work. It really does work,” Jepson said.

It’s a growing need as more people struggle and want to get their life back on track. In 2019, 264 people died from an overdose in Idaho. Last year, the number of people who lost their lives to overdoses was 1,900.

In addition to the two new clinics, the one in Couer d’Alene is still accepting new patients.

Dr. Rick Mattis is one of the doctors who’s helping people find freedom from addiction. He says the new clinics couldn’t come at a better time as more people struggle with drugs if they’re lonely or isolated during the holidays.

“You have to come to them where they are right now, and opening the two clinics will make us much closer to being able to do that,” said Mattis, an Addiction Medicine Specialist at Ideal Option.

He’s fighting to help more people come off drugs and is most concerned about fentanyl as it sweeps through the Panhandle.

“It’s very cheap. It’s very powerful,” he added.

Mattis is overjoyed when he sees people recover and avoid relapses. It’s something he and Jepson know is possible for anyone who puts in the work.

“Being able to be there with my kids and have stability in my life right now is amazing,” Jepson added. “Two years ago, I would have never have thought I’d be where I am at today.”

The clinics accept most forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

If you or somebody you know is struggling with addiction, there is help. You can find more information on getting connected to a treatment plan here. 

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