2 East Valley School District employees leave because of vaccine mandate

East Valley School District building

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Two East Valley School District employees have parted from their positions because of the state’s vaccine mandate. 

All employees of the district are subject to the mandate, which requires them to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 18. 

The district told 4 News Now 116 of their 616 employees applied for medical or religious exemptions. All 116 of those people had their exemptions approved and accommodations have been made. 

Accommodations can include additional personal protective equipment (PPE), like N95 masks, and weekly testing. 

EVSD said they have confirmed the vaccination status of all district employees, unlike other local districts. 

On Wednesday, Spokane Public Schools (SPS) announced three members of the district, including one teacher, were leaving their roles because of the vaccine mandate. District leaders said 466 employees filed for an exemption and 400 people were accommodated. 

SPS says there are about 100 employees in limbo that did not have accommodations nor the vaccine. There are also 15 people the school has not been able to get ahold of. 

This is all out of the 5,200 employees who work for SPS. 

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