12 guns found in home of Spokane road rage suspect

Spokane police arrested a man Sunday who was suspected of threatening another driver in the Hillyard area the day before. While executing a search warrant at the suspect’s home, officers found 12 guns.

Police first responded to the Hillyard area on Saturday where witnesses said two cars were involved in a road rage situation. After the incident, police said one of the cars, driven by 25-year-old Jose Corrales, began chasing the other car, which had several people in it.

The driver whose car was being chased then stopped at north Market St. to confront Corrales and “ask why he was chasing them,” according to police. When that person got to the driver’s side door, police said Corrales picked up a handgun from his lap, cocked it, and pointed it at the other driver.

Officers said the person backed away and returned to his/her car before Corrales drove away. Police soon arrived and couldn’t find Corrales but were given pictures of his car.

Officers later learned Corrales may be staying at a home in Spokane Valley. They found him there and arrested him on Sunday. Corrales was booked into the Spokane County Jail for 2nd degree assault for pointing a gun at the other driver.

A search warrant was obtained for Corrales’ home and car. In the searches, officers said they found five black handguns and seven long guns. The firearms included four hunting style rifles, two semi-automatic rifles and a shot gun.

Through the course of the investigation, officers learned Corrales had previously made statements that he was going to have a shootout with law enforcement, along with other statements that cause concern.

Because of the potential public safety risk, Spokane police said “the long guns were taken as safekeeping and are going to be held until Corrales has a hearing with a Judge.”