10k rides and counting on Spokane’s new Lime Bikes

10k rides and counting on Spokane’s new Lime Bikes

In just over a week since Lime launched its new bikeshare program in Spokane, 10,000 rides have been given amounting to over 5,000 miles ridden.

Those numbers spread across the 300 bikes and scooters in Spokane.

“You can find them all around downtown,” said Devin Wayne. “The bikes are a little different, I think I like the scooters more.”

The cycles and scooters are only here for a trial run right now, the city allowing the company to test out the market and see if the city is a good fit for them and vice-versa. The trial will last approximately two months.

Cautiously optimistic for the company’s Lilac City success, eager riders on Thursday found themselves enjoying a fair fall feeling afternoon.

“I think its cool that anyone can use them,” said resident Monica McGhee

To rent them, all you need to do is download the Lime app, find a bike or scooter on their map, provide a payment method and then take it and leave wherever you like.

So far the City of Spokane says they have only received a small number of complaints, primarily for bikes in front yards, or blocking sidewalks.

They also got a call about a damaged bike.

Lime says nationwide only one-percent of their bikes are vandalized.

“Its a great way to get around, you see more than just walking, I think its a great thing for Spokane,” said McGhee.