100 new street trees coming to West Central, Bemiss neighborhoods

SPOKANE, Wash. – One hundred new street trees will be planted in the West Central and Bemiss Neighborhoods this month. 

The tree planting is part of the SpoCanopy program, which aims to ensure every person in every neighborhood in Spokane has access to trees and the benefits they provide. 

Volunteers and the Lands Council will plant the first group of trees between October 11-13. Additional trees will be planted by a tree service contractor throughout the month. 

Funding for the new trees is provided by a combination of grants from the Washington Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Ecology. Avista, Townshend Winery and the Wanter Project are also sponsoring the project. 

People who want a free street tree can sign up here. The planting location must be within the City of Spokane city limits and within the right-of-way.

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