10 gifts under $10: Village Bakery’s iconic cocoa bombs, perfect for your chocoholic loved ones

The countdown is on to get those gifts under the tree; you only have 10 more days to wrap up your Christmas shopping.

You might have those big, important presents out of the way, but it can be the small ones that get you. So, 4 News Now is here to help.

For 10 days this December, we will show you how you can cross people of your Christmas list with gifts that will cost you around $10 each. You have plenty of options to choose from, especially when it comes to supporting local.

Out of her humble kitchen in Coeur d’Alene, chef Dana Bellefeuille baked up these hot cocoa bombs for the Panhandle Autism Society.

“We sold over 3,000 bombs for that fundraiser,” said Bellefeuille.

That was two months ago — now, these chocolate spheres are a seasonal hit.

“Cocoa bombs are not going away anytime soon,” said Bellefeuille.

You can get a single cocoa bomb in a box for $6, or a four-pack of them in the $20 price range.

“So we have dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white with peppermint, and Oreo flavors,” Bellefeuille explained.

Village Bakery still has cookies and cake orders to fill. But every day, 250 of these cocoa bombs are ready to go, thanks to volunteer helpers like Emily.

“We give job skills and life skills and employment to those with special needs,” said Bellefeuille.

“She comes about once a week and helps out and just loves it,” said Diana Colgrove; she’s Emily’s mother, and she says her daughter has been with Village Bakery for a year.

“It does make a big difference for these kids,” said Colgrove.

Chef Bellefeuille says that’s what her bakery is all about.

“Any kind of physical or developmental disability is welcome here,” said Bellefeuille. “I have parents messaging me saying, ‘My child says this was the best day of their life.'”

Village Bakery is already looking ahead to 2021…

“We have a whole line we’re going to be doing for New Years, as well as Valentine’s Day,” said Bellefeuille.

She says you can visit their new store on Fourth and Prairie this April.

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