10 gifts under $10: Satiate your friend’s sweet tooth with a holiday box from Bruttles and Spokandy

10 Gifts Under $10: Goodies From Bruttles, Spokandy

You might have those big, important presents out of the way for the holidays, but it can be the small ones that get you. So, 4 News Now is here to help.

Keep your friends and neighbors employed by keeping your money in town, and you can keep your taste buds happy while you do it!

“We have our micro samplers, we have our soft peanut brittle bark, and of course our original soft peanut bruttle brittle,” said Jessica Parkhurst.

Parkhurst is the owner of Bruttles, and she says their goodies are getting them lots of love this holiday season.

“I’ve never seen the internet orders like it is, it’s crazy,” said Parkhurst.

So what’s a bruttle?—They’re handmade, hand-dipped and hand-wrapped goodies made with peanut butter, which makes them soft and flaky.

“We call it a ‘gourmet Butterfingers.'” said Parkhurst. “That’s the best way to describe it.”

A one-pound soft peanut brittle holiday box goes for $13.50, and their mini samplers only go for $12.75. Bruttles is such a popular treat, they sell 600 pounds of this stuff every day.

It’s also the same story at Spokandy — they sell hundreds of pounds of chocolate every day, packed and ready to go, or you can pick and pack your own at an affordable price.

“Pick anything out of the case, the girls will pack it up for you,” said owner Todd Davis, “whatever your dollar, your budget is, we’d be happy to accommodate that.”

A six-piece truffle box goes for $19.50, and an eight-ounce box of premium assorted chocolates is $13.99.

Davis also says their pastel mints are also a big hit and have been a tradition since the 1960s. 16 ounces of these colorful goodies go for as low as $19.95.

“It’s a nice, feel good kind of treat,” explained Davis.

Like Bruttles, Spokandy has been shipping out lots of online orders. So, if you can’t come down in person…

“Go to the website,” said Davis. “The volume is heavy, of course, but the sooner you get your order in, the more successful you’ll be.”

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