$1 coffee? New app helping pick up your tab at local shops through June 20

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SPOKANE, Wash — The Seattle-based rewards app for indie coffee lovers, joe, wants Spokane residents to lean local when ordering their coffee, rather than buying from corporate chains.

During the pandemic, it was easier to buy from corporate chains due to the accelerated adoption of mobile and online ordering. Now, with Spokane coffee shops available on joe, it’s just as easy to support local.

Using the code 1JAVASPOKANE at checkout, you can get a $1 drink at a variety of local shops on the network. The app will cover the rest, up to a $6 value. This deal is going on until June 20, and the code can be reused once per day at multiple shops.

The app was co-founded by brothers Nick and Brenden Martin, both former baristas, and Lenny Urbanowski. It was created to help small business owners compete against corporate giants.

As the economy reopens, joe’s founders believe that it’s the time to rebuild routines around supporting small businesses.

“Last year, people became more intentional about supporting small businesses. If buying local is important to you, we want to make it easy to explore what Spokane’s independent coffee scene has to offer without sacrificing the convenience usually found with corporate chains. With all of our support, this community has the opportunity to be stronger than ever, especially after a year like 2020,” said Nick Martin.

The full list of local coffee shops on the app include:

  • Arctos Coffee & Roasting Co.
  • Begona Coffee
  • Bijou
  • BocoPop
  • Calypsos Coffee Roasters
  • Doma Coffee Roasting Company
  • Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters – Coeur D’Alene
  • Evans Brothers Coffee Roasters – Sandpoint
  • First Avenue Coffee
  • Full Steam Espresso – 1215 Filer Ave E
  • Full Steam Espresso – 2nd South Market
  • Indaba – Broadway
  • Indaba – Howard
  • Indaba – Nettleton
  • Indaba – Riverside
  • Indaba – Summit
  • Jitterz Espresso – Spokane Street
  • Jitterz Espresso – 98 Wyoming, Hayden
  • Jitterz Espresso – Government Way CDA
  • Jitterz Espresso – Pleasant View, Post Falls
  • Jitterz Espresso – Prairie, CDA
  • Jitterz Espresso – Rathdrum
  • Jitterz Espresso – Seltice, Post Falls
  • Ladder Coffee Roasters – Valley
  • Ladder Coffee Roasters – Monroe
  • Ladder Coffee Roasters – Riverside
  • Ladder Coffee Roasters – North
  • Locals Culture House
  • Lofty Skies COFFEE
  • Refueler
  • Revel 77 Coffee
  • Roast House Coffee
  • Swell Coffee
  • The Garden Coffee & Local Eats
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Fairchild
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Multicare Deaconess Hospital
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Sacred Heart Medical Center
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Spokane Valley East Sprague
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Spokane Valley Mall
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Grand
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Coeur D’Alene
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Downtown Spokane
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Hayden
  • Thomas Hammer Coffee – Post Falls
  • Tom Sawyer Country Coffee
  • Vault Coffee Co.
  • Vessel Roasters
  • West Plains Roasters