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  • Malaysia, Thailand hit with epic flooding



    Even by Malaysian standards, this flooding is epic.

    Neighborhoods turned into islands surrounded by a sea of murky brown water. Streets doubling as rivers. Cars swept away and toppled over.

    The flooding has forced more than 132,000 people to evacuate,...

    By Holly Yan CNN
  • Before and after Indonesia mosque

    Dimas Ardian, Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

    Rising from the debris of the 2004 tsunami

    Ten years ago, a towering wall of water engulfed cities across the Indian Ocean, ravaging communities as far afield as Thailand, Indonesia, Somalia and Madagascar.

  • With snow in forecast, plow crews hopeful to hit the road

    The lack of snowfall so far this season – only 1.7 inches to date – may be great for drivers, but not so great for people who make a living based on enjoying or clearing the snow.

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