Roofers readying for windstorm

Roofers readying for windstorm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Many homes are still recovering from that historic windstorm that ripped through the Inland Northwest last November. Many roofing companies say work hasn't slowed up and with another storm heading our way, they're bracing for impact.

"This has been an exceptionally crazy year," Ted Flynn, owner of Heritage Roofing and Construction, said.

Roofers with Heritage worked in the pouring rain Thursday. They're just getting to Diane Zeis's north Spokane home. It was damaged during last year's windstorm.

"We patched it. We knew they were all busy and we just waited," Zeis said.

Flynn says he's had to more than triple his staff to fix all the homes they've been called to and more than 95 percent of their work this past year is thanks to Windstorm 2015.

"Nonstop from last November until now, and it still continues," he said.

But with the impending storm heading our way Thursday night into Friday morning, Flynn's team is working hard to ensure that when the wind picks up, shingles don't come down.

"We're trying to make sure that everything's sealed, that we've got a roof on and basically it's water tight," Flynn said.

Heritage Office Manager, Mackenzie Flynn, says if your house is damaged, document it, then call your insurance company and a roofer to take a look.

"The homeowner here got a checkf or $31 for the replacement of his roof," she said.

But Heritage came out, took photos and sent a letter to the Zeis's insurance company.

"Now his entire roof will be paid for," Mackenzie said.

As far ast his next round of wind goes, Zeis says she's not too worried.

"We'll just wait and see what happens. I think they've got it covered," she said.

Since there's no telling what kind of damage this next round of wind will bring, Heritage roofers will be back out Friday working through it to repair homes.