Residents picking up again after weekend storm

Residents picking up again after weekend storm

SPOKANE, Wash. - Monday was another day of cleanup across the Inland Northwest, in the wake of Saturday's storm, which left a path of destruction in Spokane and North Idaho.

At Holy Cross Cemetery in North Spokane they lost 23 trees to the storm, some of them well above 85 years old. The cemetery was shut down for a few days so crews could clean up the trees and repair some of the headstones that were damaged. No buildings were damaged and no headstones disturbed but the cemetery will likely be closed Tuesday as well.

Meanwhile crews from Avista and other regional power companies are working hard to restore power to those that are still without it around the area.

"When the rain started to come in it was like a giant wave of water just coming through. I was trying to watch and you could see the trees just snapping right off," Arthur Frisbie said.

In Frisbie's neighborhood in Deer Park power lines and trees are down, a similar scene they saw just a handful of days ago.

"A big red fern that fell down took a power line in the first storm," Frisbie said.

At Frisbie's house power had been on for only five days after the first storm before they lost it again after the second.

"It's been really tough. No power drives you a little crazy," he said.

Crews are working around the clock to get it restored.

"We just appreciate the patience of our customers. it's really unprecedented to have Mother Nature take a whack at us twice in 10 days," Debbie Simock with Avista said.

In the meantime generators are the key to normal living.

"Right now we have it set up for one room so we can keep track of the news and stuff like that," resident Joy James said.

Joy James is looking after the house owned by 90-year-old Birdie Reese, which took a bigger hit than most. On top of not having power it's missing the roof to the living room. A tree snapped in half and fell on it during the first storm.

"All we did was pull everything out. It's piled up right out there," James said.

She says they finished cleaning the yard when the second storm hit, spreading the debris from the first storm. Luckily no one was injured.

"You know what, you pick up, you brush off and you carry on and that's what we will do," she said.

3,000 Avista customers are still without power while 4,000 Inland Power customers are without power.

The good news is the City of Spokane will take clean greens for free again like they did for the last storm. People looking to drop off their tree clippings can do so at the North County Transfer Station and Waste to Energy facility starting Tuesday.