Residents band together to rebuild storm-damaged mobile home park

Residents band together to rebuild storm-damaged mobile home park

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Riverside Village Mobile Home Park is still trying to figure out how they are going to rebuild after last week's massive storm, which destroyed 44 homes and left dozens homeless.

And yet, while the amount of devastation is high, so are the spirits of the residents, who lost everything expect for their positive outlook on the future.

"When it first hit we were not expecting it. We were expecting a windstorm," property manager Sandy McCoin said.

In a matter of minutes rain, wind and hail destroyed life as many of these people knew it.

"I think the saddest thing right now is the people who are realizing they don't have a home," McCoin said.

For the past week residents of Riverside Village Mobile Home Park have been living without power. Some may see it restored for up to two months. Water was recently restored but has to be boiled. McCoin said that to make matters worse looters are now raiding the property at night.

"They are going into peoples windows and going through their belonging and stealing our food," she said.

McCoin, like so many of her residents, is thankful no one was injured, but looking ahead to the future is overwhelming.

"The plans to rebuild are there but it's a long process," she said.

Right now McCoin said the goal is to take it day by day and appreciate the progress that has already been made in just one week. The community has come together to supply food, water, whatever the residents need.

Multiple organizations have been providing meals, generators, and even showers, while residents and volunteers have joined together, working 18 hour days to remove fallen trees and clear brush, doing everything they can to help their neighbors.

"I'm overwhelmed and touched by the generosity and the hearts of the people," she said.