Peaceful Valley residents prepared for flooding

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane River is over flood stage and people are starting to watch the water creep toward their homes.

Flood stage is 27 feet and the river is already over that mark. It's expected to peak this weekend around 27 and a half feet.

Sand trucks are staging in certain areas of the city and residents are being told to call the city if they need sandbags.

For the last couple of weeks Shawn Beightol has been watching the river from his home in Peaceful Valley...

"Just keep an eye on it and make sure I don't have to get out the sand bags," Beightol said.

spokane river at flood stage

Just in case the city has a dump truck with sand standing by.

"Every day I'll check on it before I go to work. It was down last week and just overnight it's raised up a couple feet," he added.

The Spokane River is forecasted to peak this Sunday at 27.56 feet just above flood stage.

"Before I go to bed I usually just put my water wings on," Beightol said.

Upriver from Peaceful Valley parts of the Centennial Trail are submerged, forcing walkers and joggers off the trail and onto the road.

Melinda Anderson said the flooding makes it "less convenient just because we had to walk next to the cars which makes me kinda nervous."

Right now the Upriver Dam has three gates open; during flooding in 2008 all gates were open.

Not only is the river running high but it's also very cold; temperatures right now are around 40 degrees or less, one more reason that authorities continue to ask people to stay out of the water until the river calms.