More help on the way to Pateros

More help on the way to Pateros

PATEROS, Wash. - More help is arriving in the city of Pateros more than a month after flames raced through the city destroying dozens of homes.

"This disaster is not over," Nicolle LaFleur said. Lafleur is the Executive Director of the Apply Valley and North Cascades Red Cross Chapter.

"The people here are going to be needing assistance for the long haul," she added.

Thursday, KXLY and Safeway delivered the news that viewers donated $25,000 at Safeway stores across Central and Eastern Washington.

"The money will be distributed through the Red Cross to the communities devastated by the fires," Tairsa Worman, Public Affairs Manager for Safeway. said.

"We are so grateful to every one who has donated and volunteered it is just incredible," LaFleur said. "We have had people driving over from the Spokane area to be volunteers on our team, we have had an incredible amount of support from the Spokane community as well."

In addition to the money collected at stores, Safeway also announced Thursday it was going to match what was donated.

"To show our gratitude for the generosity of our customers, the Safeway Foundation is pleased to announce that we will match the funds donated with another $25,000 to an organization providing direct and impactful relief to the fire victims - The Okanogan County Community Action Council," Worman said.

"Okanogan County Community Action is grateful to receive this donation from Safeway and KXLY in support of our work with families impacted by the Carlton Complex Fire Disaster," Executive Director Lael Duncan said. "For at least the next two years we will be on the ground in our local communities providing long term recovery assistance to any family in need.

Both agencies say the money will be used to help those who are looking for a roof over their head, food, and water.

"KXLY, Safeway and Safeway customers need to know that they are making an important difference in the lives of people," Duncan said.

She added an older veteran came into the local resource center not wanting to take anything, just wanting a warm bed and a roof over his head.

"Our services were able to help him and reassure him that the Community Action safety net was there when he needed it," Duncan said. "This donation helps to sustain those services."