Mild winter creates problems for snow plow owners

SPOKANE, Wash. - Mild winter creates problems for snow plow owners

While some people are rejoicing over Spokane's mild winter, others are hoping Mother Nature will lend them a hand.

Companies that rely on the snow are just barely scraping by.

"I've been doing it for 23 years, and this is probably the second driest I remember," said Bob Landaker, General Manager of Four Seasons Landscaping.

In the winter, Four Seasons relies on snow plowing and ice melt to keep business afloat. But the lack of snow flat out hurts their bottom line.

"It's less money in the company's pocket as well as the employee, so it affects both sides of it," Landaker said.

In a typical winter, Landaker says his plows would have already been out about six to seven times. But this winter the plows have only been out once. That's about an 80 percent drop from last year.

In November, Spokane picked up about three inches snow. The average for that month is seven.

December was even worse, with Spokane seeing less than four inches. The normal amount is nearly 15.

This winter is the third driest on record for Spokane.

Landaker hopes late nights and snowy roads are in his future.

"I hope we get at least ten pushes," he said.