Harbor Island homeowners prepare for flooding

HARBOR ISLAND, Idaho - Lake Coeur d'Alene could hit flood stage by Friday or early Saturday, leaving residents living along the rivers and lakes watching and preparing as the waters rise toward their property.

On Harbor Island along the Spokane River residents were warned they could see flooding in next few days. Now homeowners are coming together as a team trying to work faster than the rising water to protect their properties.

"Right now we're using homeowners and friends who used to live here or nearby," Andy Pershern with the Homeowners Association said.

Many of them are busy filling sandbags; one person shovels the sand, the other holds the bag. Once they're done, they're loaded up and dropped off across Harbor Island,

These residents have a front row seat to watch the Spokane River rising, and the rain isn't helping much either.

"It's been coming up super fast just in the last two hours it's really come up a lot," Liz Corey said.

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Department warned that the island could get flooded; a threat real enough that it sucked Brad Hobson back into town.

"I was actually on my way to work heading to Alaska … Anchorage. Stopping in Seattle got a call with high levels by Friday," he said.

Whatever happens upriver on Lake Coeur d'Alene impacts this neighborhood. Now Hobson like so many others is stacking sand bags, laying out plastic, filling in gaps in the walls.

"We just had a flood a couple of years ago. I had damage to the dock," Corey said.

Thursday morning they already put together around 1,000 sand bags but they've got a long way to go.

"I'm preparing for the worst but I'm hoping for the best," Corey said.

The Coeur d'Alene River at Cataldo actually dropped a little over the last day but it's still above flood stage. The sheriff's department says when the lake crests we could see some flooding but nothing too drastic.