Flooding soaks Peaceful Valley and Centennial Trail

SPOKANE, Wash. - A flood warning is in effect as the Spokane River continued to rise Sunday. The river crested at 27.7 feet at 10:45 a.m. just above flood stage.

A sunny run turned into a soggy walk for many people along the Centennial Trail. Julie Horton was helping her friend train for a marathon.

"We had to detour around some of the water and change into some dry shoes," Horton said.

"It's crazy. The river's higher than I've ever seen it and I've lived here a long time," Michelle Greenwood said.

Flooding soaks Peaceful Valley and Centennial Trail

Anything over 25.5 feet floods the trail, and the river even spilled onto Upriver Drive near Stone, causing crews to close it. Trucks full of sand are now parked around the city if the river continues to rise.

"We're one of the, probably one of the lowest houses in this town," Deanna Snulan said on her back lawn in Peaceful Valley.

Snulan has water from the river spilling onto her lawn.

"I love the river, it's very calming normally," Snulan said. "Right now it's a little nerve-wracking."

Snulan doesn't expect any major damage to her property this week. She says her yard is flooded so often, the sandy beach behind her home is made with the sand from sandbags accumulated over the years. She still enjoys living near the river, even on days like this.

"There's a lot of years where it's absolutely stress-free and it's very worth it," she said.

Snulan says she'll keep a close eye on the river until the warning ends on Friday.