Flooding shuts three roads down in Shoshone County

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Three roads have been shut down as Shoshone County is dealing with springtime flooding.

Old Coeur d'Alene River Road from Bumble Bee Bridge is closed for 13 miles near Enaville. There are around 50 residents and two businesses in the affected area.

Shoshone County deputies went door-to-door telling people they can either evacuate or stay put. People were warned that if they stay put that the closures could last as long as five days.

"There is an unknown number this time that did not get out and are still in their homes. We think they are safe," said John Specht with Shoshone County Emergency Services. 

Shoshone County flooding video

Elk Prairie Road from Forest Highway 50 to Calder is also shut down, which means people have to detour 22 miles to get to St. Maries.

"It affects about sixty people. They do have a way out it's just about on extra 22 mile drive," said Specht.

Riverview Road between Enaville and Cataldo is also closed. Shoshone County Emergency Management said people are able to get out from either end.

Crews are out along the Coeur d'Alene River clearing debris that lead to clogging and erosion and are putting in rocks for more stability. For the next few days, the road closure signs will move as the river decides were it wants to go.

Shoshone County officials are not declaring an emergency. They say that in order for them to declare an emergency damage has to have been reported and so far none has been reported.