Eagle fans prepping for frigid Saturday temps

Eagle fans prepping for frigid...

CHENEY, Wash. - When asked how her parents felt about her sitting for three and a half hours in frigid temperatures, Eastern Washington student Angelika Stefoglo smiled.

"I haven't told them I'm going, and I probably won't."

The Eagles will kick off against Youngstown State Saturday for a spot in the FCS national championship; and the temperature at kick off is expected to be around 4 degrees.

"It'll certainly be the coldest playoff game we've ever played, and very well could be the coldest game ever," admitted Youngstown State SID Trevor Parks.

While the players will keep warm by exerting themselves, those in the stands will have a tougher time.

"I'm dressing like I'm going snowboarding," announced Stefoglo. "Minimum two blankets, one to cover me and one to sit on."

While temperatures might be at an all time low, school spirit seems to be record high in Cheney.