Downed power lines trap Sacheen Lake residents

Downed power lines trap Sacheen Lake residents

NEWPORT, Wash. - Downed power lines near Sacheen Lake have residents trapped in their own neighborhood.

Sheridan Sims lives just down Duck Lane, north of the lake, and before reaching her driveway there are a couple power lines crossing the single lane, one about chest high.

The Pend Oreille Public Utilities District said they couldn't say if the lines were energized or not. Without power Sims says one thing she needed was bags of ice to keep her food cool, so KXLY reporter Aaron Luna and photographer Brian Belanger packed up about four bags and hiked up and around the downed lines to her home.

The chance that those lines were energized were slim but it's better to play it safe. Aside from being trapped in her own neighborhood Sims' second concern was keeping her food from going bad.

"The bag of ice is almost gone. What am I going to do next," said Sims describing what she was thinking this morning.

Her power has been out for about three days.

"I lost power on Saturday at six o'clock,' said Sims.

She called the Pend Oreille Public Utilities District that night, Sunday morning and Sunday night.

"I called them Monday, I called them today," said Sims.

She told them the line was down across the only access road into and out of her neighborhood. They told her they'd relay the message to crews in the field.

"Whatever that means it hasn't done me any good because I can't get in or out," said Sims.

The PUD said to treat the line like it was live; Sims is concerned that she'd have to drive through that live line in case of an emergency.

"A fire is another one, a very definite other one especially this time of year," said Sims.

Sims says she'd like the PUD to prioritize fixes based on need but until then her and her neighbors on Duck Lane will just have to hang out.

"Well, that's what I do is hang out," said Sims.

Sims says now that she has her ice, her food is going to be okay for a while longer. She's gone eight days without power before, so this won't be a problem. Like she said, her biggest concern is the access in and out of her property.