Do all waterfront property owners need flood insurance?

POST FALLS, Idaho - As we head into spring, the rain and snow melt has many people keeping an eye on the rivers and lakes. Waterfront property owners are well aware of it, but not everyone who lives along the river is in danger of flooding.

Some homeowners along the Spokane River say they've been getting demands to buy flood insurance much to their surprise.

In 2010, an adjusted FEMA flood zone map was adopted. There was no new study done but more accurate technology was used. Areas like Kootenai County also saw changes in the land because of development.

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Last year homeowner Carol Parr who lives near Post Falls got a letter from her bank saying she had to get flood insurance.

"So being here ten years and then getting this letter was quite surprising to say the least," Parr said. The insurance would cost Parr around $1,500 a year.

"It was very surprising. When we bought the house nobody said anything about it."

Parr and many other families started hiring surveyors to look at their property to see if it's higher than the floodplain.

One surveyor, Matt Wilson, said Tuesday, "I've done projects like this that FEMA said you are in the floodplain but they are 50 feet higher than the elevation."

In the house he surveyed Tuesday morning, Wilson said it was above the flood zone. They can issue a statement that the homeowner is above the flood plain that will help them opt out of paying flood insurance.

It's what the Parrs did as well, helping them wade out of a situation they call a nightmare.

Of course surveying your house doesn't come free either; depending on your property you can expect to pay $500 or more.