Convent fire intentionally set

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Fire Department said someone may have started a fire at the Convent of Holy Names Aug. 13. 

The fire burned about six acres and fire crews had to evacuate 60 nuns and support staff.

Investigators said dry fuels have built up over the years near the convent making it very easy for wildfires to start, especially for those that were started on purpose. Now investigators are looking to find the arsonist. 

Convent fire intentionally set

"So we are asking the public to come forward if anyone knows anything regarding the specifics of how this fire got started or who may have been involved. We would like to know," said Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer.

Fire investigators said the fire was very dangerous and burned very close to the convent. If it had burned past the area, it could have threatened a school

If you have any information regarding the fire, call 509-344-FIRE.