Residents try to outlast Carlton Complex fire

Residents try to outlast Carlton Complex fire

OKANOGAN, Wash. - The firefight continued Monday on the 240,000 acre Carlton Complex fire that's burned more than 150 homes. Highway 20 was closed again over Loup Loup Pass and more evacuations were put in place.


Near Carlton, the sound of water dropping helicopters has echoed through the valleys and canyons for the last week. Surya Dimodica has been has been listening to them for the past several days.


The fire racing towards her home three times.


"It was chasing me up the hillside," DiModica said. "I came in the driveway, I was only able to grab my jackets and my wallets,"


On the third round she called on nearby firefighters to help. Four engines and several helicopters made quick trips to the river and back carrying thousands of gallons of water and were able to save her house.


DiModica says she feels lucky her home is still standing, some around her are not so lucky.


"He just has his chimney only standing now," DiModica said.


Monday, fire crews working to keep the fire from spreading North across Libby Creek Road.


"It's a dry, dry situation," Fire Information Officer Alan Hoffmeister said. "We are going to be in it for a while,"


The biggest challenge for people living in the burn scar who still have their home is power. It could be weeks before power is restored to the area.