Blogging from SB48: 24 hours until kick-off

NEW YORK - Blogging from SB48: 24 hours until kick-off

Less than 24 hours until Super Bowl XLVIII.  And the weather is supposed to be pretty decent, comparatively speaking. 

We got a glimpse of what it's like in NYC when the sun is out and the wind isn't blowing.  THAT is the New York worth coming back to.

Quick recap of last night:  we went to the famous 'Peter Luger's" in Brooklyn.  The steak was amazing, as you'd think it would be, but the appetizer is what blew us away.  The waiter brought out raw tomatoes and raw onions on a platter.  Neither of us are raw onion fans, and I don't really like tomatoes all that much.  Then came a huge slab of bacon, about half an inch thick.  Combining all three elements, plus a house sauce that resembled cocktail sauce, it was actually really good.  Never thought I'd eat raw onions like that.  I guess they know what they're doing. 

Saturday, 1:30 pm ET:  Yes, 1:30 pm.  Our dinner reservation was LATE and we were slow to hit the streets today.  And when we finally did get outside, we were almost immediately caught in a a foot-traffic jam.  It took 15 minutes to move one block.  People were getting pretty irritated.  A lot of yelling, a few choice words, some shoving.  It was a pretty uncomfortable situation.  That was the last time we were on Super Bowl Boulevard.

Saturday, 2:00 pm ET:  Had a nice brunch at 'Dalton's' just a few blocks away from Times Square.  It took a while to find a place that didn't have a wait or line out the door.

Saturday, 3:00 pm ET:  Hopped on the subway for the first time and headed towards Ground Zero.

Saturday, 3:05 pm ET:  Hopped off the train after realizing we were going in the wrong direction.

Saturday, 3:25 pm ET:  After finally figuring out the 'E' line, we arrive in lower Manhattan.  It was the quietest area of New York that we've been in all week.  We explored for a few hours, a bulk of which we spent in the 9/11 Memorial.

Saturday, 5:30 pm ET:  Somehow we made it seven days WITHOUT going to a Dunkin Donuts... Until now.

Saturday, 6:30 pm ET:  Our second attempt at using the subway system goes much smoother, as we navigate back to the hotel in Times Square. 

SIDENOTE:  Parts of lower Manhattan had a lot of Broncos fans (more than Seahawks fans).  We found out that the hotel for the Broncos' family members was in that area.  Otherwise, Seahawks fans continue to outnumber Broncos fans and its not even close.  They're also MUCH louder (even Osso admits it).

Admittedly, this wasn't the strongest blog of the week.  I'll be back tomorrow in full force, hopefully with something prior to kickoff.  Just in case that doesn't happen, follow us on twitter:  @tomgileskxly, @700espn   -  and on facebook - Tom Giles KXLY,  700ESPN