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No criminal charges against WSU football player

PULLMAN, Wash. - No criminal charges will be filed against a WSU football player accused of assaulting a man at a Pullman Domino's Pizza this summer.

Pullman Police had recommended 2nd Degree Assault charges against senior safety Shalom Luani, stemming from an incident in which one man ended up with a broken nose. Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy said he would not be able to convince a jury that Luani was not acting in self-defense.

According to Tracy, Luani was asked to leave the Domino's after complaining his order was taking too long. On his way out the door, Kyle Medina grabbed Luani by the shirt and pulled him towards the door. Luani shoved Medina and walked outside.

Once outside the restaurant, Tracy said Medina and his friends walked after him and confronted him.

"In the ensuing alteraction, Mr. Medina was hit once and got the broken nose," Tracy wrote in a letter to Medina and Luani's attorney. "Mr. Luani may have hit other of the men who were confronting him. Mr. Luani was hit multiple times and, according to witnesses, was pushed to the ground, and possibly had his head pushed into a parked car. He suffered multiple injuries to his face and head, had his shirt ripped and, according to a medical report, suffered a concussion."

Tracy said, to prove assault in Washington, prosecutors have to be able to prove that the person was not acting in self-defense, a task he doesn't believe was possible.

Tracy also considering filing misdemeanor assault charges against both men for the confrontation inside the Domino's. He said he talked to each man about that and both said they'd prefer the other not be charged.

Read the full PDF press release here.