WSU Cougars

Leach, assistants go way back

Day one of fall camp in Pullman was a lot like it used to be in Lubbock...

"You know it's funny. The exact same thing we're doing here right now is the exact same thing we did our first day at Texas Tech," Cougs offensive line coach Clay McGuire says.

McGuire should know. He played for Leach, calling that experience, 'the best five years of his life.'

"Going out to football practice everyday, it was as fun as it could be," McGuire recalls.

Inside receivers coach Eric Morris also starred for Leach, playing opposite Michael Crabtree after convincing the head coach he was worth a spot on the team.

"I had to kind of beg him to offer me a scholarship, so there was a lot of me showing up there with my film, and begging to get a scholarship and I finally did," Morris says.

Getting hired, was a lot easier.

"The phone call came faster than the scholarship did," Morris says.

Four others from the Texas Tech era are now in Pullman with Leach.

"I know what they can do, I know they're good coaches, and they know what we want and expect out of our team. This is the best coaching staff I've had," Mike Leach says.

His staff can tell he's excited...

"You know I don't know if I've seen him this happy in a long time, but he's enjoyed getting back out here coaching and you can see it everyday," Morris says.

And these these guys have experienced enough with Leach to know.

Leach, assistants go way back