Shining Stars

Shining Star: Mt. Spokane golf team

If you were out at Wandermere at all this spring, you probably found yourself watching the Mt. Spokane team in awe. Their top six players also took the top six spots at districts, including four, close-knit seniors experiencing a dream season together.

"We all share a lot of the same interests - golf especially. It's just a lot of fun to be with them," Marcus Bolam says.

Tyler McQuilkin adds, "We're all really close and we've all known each other for so long, so we just know what the right thing to say is if one of us has a bad round."

"Very loose, jovial group really fun to be around - make you smile just about everyday," Wildcats head coach Greg Schultz says.

They don't just put up low scores, they also post high marks.

"You know, we're state academic champions so obviously they're pretty strong in the classroom," Schultz boasts.

"You know when I'm busy with school, I go to the golf course and take an hour break, and if I'm busy with golf I'll hop in the books and read a book for a while and just go from there and use each other to balance," Tye Morrison adds.

They all agree: it's not a coincidence that they're successful in school and on the course.

"Golf is probably the most mental sport of all sports so you have to have that in order to play good golf," Austin Billeter says.

Adds Schults, "I think what really differentiates this group is the fact that they can think their way around a course and they can think their way through frustration rather than reacting or responding to it in an emotional fashion."

Shining Star: Mt. Spokane golf team

Now they're mentally preparing to make a run at a first ever 3A state title.

"We can all definitely do it - we have that type of ability," Bolam claims

Morrison adds, "Everyone's pumped, ready to do it. We're in a really good spot so we only can hope for the best."

A championship would once again have those around them watching in awe.