Shining Star: Mead's Langston Ward

SPOKANE, Wash. - "I've never had any experience delivering poetry, but I can only imagine I'd rather play football," says Mead football head coach Sean Carty.

Not only does Langston Ward enjoy doing Poetry Out Loud, but he's good at it, advancing all the way to Nationals in Washington DC.

"It was really awesome," says Ward.  "Everything was paid for.  I got to eat as much as I wanted to."

Shining Star: Mead's Langston Ward

Which is important when you're 6'5, 250-pounds, and an absolute terror on the football field.

"Since he first came to Spokane, we couldn't believe he was going to be a really good football player when we met him, because he was so nice," says Carty.  "Then we got him out there, and holy mackerel, he really goes."

And make no mistake, football is something Langston loves.  "Getting jacked up for the game with my teammates, listening to some music, just getting focused on what my job is and getting a chance to be somebody I can't be anywhere else except on the football field."

Ward will continue his career playing defensive end at Harvard next year, where he hopes his background in performing will help with his future career plans.

"I'm interested in politics, so speaking will probably be a part of what I do for a job."

And it sounds like he's already got a pretty good head start.