Shining Star: CV's Austin Rehkow

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Two weeks ago, Central Valley's Austin Rehkow set the GSL record with his 20th career field goal.  Thanks to his foot, Rehkow is considered one of the most dangerous weapons in the area, and maybe even the state.

When Austin Rehkow made a 52 yard field two weeks ago, it came as no surprise because the week before, he nailed a 56-yarder against Mt. Spokane. 

"I was confident that if he hit it, it was going to go," said Bears head coach Rick Giampietri. 

"Kick was long enough, stayed straight. Once it went through you kind of get the ecstatic feeling that you get," said Rehkow, a 3.95 GPA student at CV.

And it's a feeling that Rehkow is quite familiar with, and something his head coach sees as a huge advantage.

"The idea that once you're inside the 40 you're in scoring positiion is a pretty good feeling," said Giampietri.  "He's had a 57, 58 in practice, and I think he's got a little more leg in him so we'll see."

Rehkow's also averaging 50 yards a punt, and has only had one kick-off returned all season.  But the field goals put him on another level, and he's ready to share the credit.

Shining Star: CV's Austin Rehkow

"It always starts with a great snap and a great hold and I've been blessed all three years to have a great holder and a great snapper."

And Rehkow is more than just a kicker. He's an athlete. The senior plays wide-receiver and defensive back, and is one of the top talents on the Bears basketball team.  "I'm just able to display my athleticism a little bit more and prove that 'hey, I can do more than just kick a football,'" says the three-sport athlete who also runs track.

Athleticism is something that he hopes helps him earn a scholarship to kick at the next level.

"I've gotten a few letters and what not from schools, but for the most part they're looking at their core guys - receivers quarterbacks - so I'm just kind of being patient and hoping that something opens up here soon."

I think we'd all be shocked if something didn't.