Spokane Police Patrol Hoopfest

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police Patrol Hoopfest

Organizing the largest 3-on-3 basketball event in the country is no small task, and making sure everyone is safe is also quite the undertaking.

Whether you're driving for two or shooting for three, all those points won't matter if you don't play a little defense. The team playing the most 'D' on Saturday is arguably the Spokane Police Department.

"So we are about 60 uniformed officers per day just dedicated to the event," said Police Chief Frank Straub.

With thousands of spectators and players downtown, police are making a strong showing of uniformed officers as well as undercover officers.

"We also have a number of plain clothed teams out because we want people to come and feel safe and not have to worry about their cars," said Straub.

Normal patrols will still work areas outside of the event and when weather permits Air 1 will fly overhead, but with bags and backpacks everywhere, eyes are watching for suspicious items.

"Everyone is doing a good job of policing their own equipment. We haven't had any incidents at all at this point," said Straub.

Extended coverage also carries through the evening. More visitors to Spokane means more people out after sunset and more officers on patrol.

"Last night we had a little bit more than normal. Tonight we'll have a little bit more than normal," said Straub.

Even though police don't expect any major problems, they say they're ready to block any shots that come their way.

"And then we have our command post, which has the ability to take a look at some cameras and that type of thing," said Straub.

It's pretty easy to spot those 60 uniformed police officers patrolling the area, most are wearing bright yellow safety vests. If you have a problem you can stop any one of them and ask for help.