Nike unveils new shoe design at Hoopfest store

Nike unveils new shoe design at...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The partnership between Hoopfest and Nike has been a huge success.

Nike not only hooks court monitors up with free gear, but for the last two years, they've chosen Hoopfest as the place to launch Kevin Durant's brand new shoe design.

This morning, KD 10's were unleashed exclusively to Spokane well ahead of the online availability that begins July 1st.

People were lined up at the Hoopfest store well before it opened at 7:30 a.m. this morning, many just hoping to get a glimpse at the coveted sneakers.

All of the hype surrounding the KD 10's means Hoopfest store manager Claire Raap has her work cut out for her this weekend.

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She says, the minute the store opens, it's "Madness. We usually have a rush. It's Saturday morning at 7:30. Official release of the KD 10s are out."  

Raap showed us Kevin Durant's latest design and introduced me to the very first person in the world to own a pair, Rylan Foster.

"Wow. They are just really cool,  the design, and nobody else has them. It's just cool that they aren't able to get them," said Foster. 

Foster comes to Hoopfest every year, traveling from his home town of Renton. 

It's a tradition made sweeter this year by his new shoes.

"It's just amazing to feel that feeling. It's really cool," he said. 

Hoopfest's partnership with Nike is unique. 

"Here in Spokane, Washington, you know three-on-three Hoopfest. The biggest in the world and here we are a week before Nike actually releases it," said Raap. 

Rylan is elated he got his hands on the KD 10s but even in this big moment, he said Hoopfest is about way more than having the freshest kicks.

"Being around a bunch of other people that play basketball. It sometimes can be competitive but it's just fun to play basketball outside," said Foster. 

And outside is looking pretty good this weekend.