Hoopfest serves a reunion for military family

Hoopfest serves a reunion for military family

SPOKANE, Wash. - A lot of families treat Hoopfest as a sort of reunion. We met one military family from Kettle Falls who absolutely treasures this weekend. Stephen Schauls serves our nation in the Army.

He's stationed in Hawaii and got on a flight last night, or this morning if you will, around 1230 a.m. But he made it for his first game at 10 a.m., and in doing so, made a lot of people very happy.

Stephen's mom Linda Schauls is tired this morning probably not as tired as her son.

"He flew in this morning at eight o'clock we picked him up at the airport and just got down here, said Linda Schauls.

Stephen's team is called Switched at Birth. Stephen's little brother Stacey doesn't look much like him at all. He looks like Stephen's best friend and team-mate Jordan. And Jordan's little brother doesn't look like him. He looks like Stephen's little brother Stacey. Confusing for everyone.

"Jordan and Stacey look so much a like that they thought they were brothers so it's Switched at Birth," said Linda.

Brother's, best friends, whatever, these boys are all family. And Stacey (Stephen's brother) Is pretty happy.

"Just fun actually cause my other brother is in the Marines and so when he would come home it was also exciting. Having both of them home it's awesome," said Stacey.

"Very cool yeah and he had an older brother that did two tours in Iraq so it is just very good having them home. And this is the first time they all get to be together," said Linda.

Stephen loves basketball but not as much as Stacey .

"My little brother has always done Hoopfest I haven't really been that into basketball lately since I have been gone but my little brother has kind of grown up doing Hoopfest so this is like his fourth or fifth year," said Stephen.

So he's learned his spot on the court.

"Definitely defense, rebound, I can drive. I just have, coming off a knee injury so I haven't really been able to play for about three or four weeks," said Stephen.

Down by one, nearing the end of the game and that knee injury came back to bite poor Stephen. But was it a fake? He seemed pretty quick to sit down next to a pretty girl watching from the bench.

"This is my girlfriend amber. She has been with me for quite a while," said Stephen.

She's happy he's here too. And two families very happy that that young man is home.