Hoopfest is family affair for tournament founder

Hoopfest is family affair for tournament founder

SPOKANE, Wash. - Hoopfest is a family affair and one family has a very special tie to this event. Rick Betts was one of the men who founded Hoopfest 25 years ago. He wanted Spokane to have something just like what we're all enjoying now.

He's also the proud father of three bright young men.

"It's a great morning," said Betts, as he gets ready for the start of the tournament.

His three sons are here and he couldn't be happier. Brian and Tom are in from New York where they work.

Dave, he's here all the way from Ethiopia; back in the day they all had their own teams.

"Once all the boys were playing it was too much work to go around and hit all their games and play myself," said Betts.

And so about 15 years ago, the Betts patriarch decided to have a family team. Betts Boys was born. The eldest son Brian played in the very first Hoopfest 25 years ago just like dad.

"You know in the back of your mind you're worried that it won't be as good as the previous year but every year it exceeds that," said Brian.

Now, because they're all on the same team, Rick doesn't get to play as much as he'd like.

"Apparently they think i am not an asset to the team," said Rick.

"I won't comment on that," said Brian.

"You better cover every single game do not miss a second because you know I struggle scoring because they don't throw me the ball," replied Rick.

"Well you know I think that most years he does, but I think maybe we just have to pay off the other team or something," said Brian laughing.

The Betts boys didn't take this game but that's never really been the point of Hoopfest for them says Brian's mom Katie

"They see their friends and get to play with their family it's like a big reunion of sorts," said Katie Ferris, Brian' mom.

"Our whole lives we have sort of played together anyway so it just made sense to come out here and do it at Hoopfest I suppose," said Brian.

"It's been fun because obviously I see what a great party it is for everyone in Spokane and it's a fitness thing a sports thing. And a reunion," said Rick.

If you want to follow the Betts Boys all you have to do is find them on the Hoopfest app - they are a great team to watch.