Final touches put on Hoopfest backboards

Final touches put on Hoopfest backboards

SPOKANE, Wash. - The countdown is on for one of Spokane's most beloved events, Hoopfest, which tips off on June 28.

But, long before the players hit the streets, the Hoopfest organization and volunteers are hard at work, getting ready for the biggest three-on-three tournament on the planet.

At hoop storage in East Spokane, crews spent Tuesday finishing the backboards. They're responsible for adding logos, touching up backboards and getting the hoops in place.

All 456 backboards have to be ready to be loaded up onto trucks and strategically placed in downtown Spokane.

This is the last stage of Hoopfest with regards to the signs and backboards," said Randy Smith, as he watched crews put up the last few backboards Tuesday.

Smith will then get ready for the organized chaos that comes the Friday night before the event. The streets close before dusk and, by midnight, crews will tape off 42 city blocks of downtown Spokane, ready to welcome the 250,000 players, volunteers and fans on Hoopfest Saturday.