Family hopes Hoopfest will bring kidney

Family hopes Hoopfest will bring kidney

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Filzens may not actually be participating in Hoopfest, but they are working towards one goal.

Since August, Jim Filzen has been on the kidney transplant list when his kidney function went below 20%. It's now at just 13%

"Since January I've been on dialysis three days a week, four hours a day," says Filzen.

Every member of Filzen family has been tested to see if they can donate a kidney. They are either unable to donate due to health reasons, or are simply not a match.

Filzen's son Josh says, "so far I've tried and was unable. It would be awesome if somebody came forward and was willing to do that."

The family is spending their Hoopfest weekend handing out water bottles and fliers with an important message: consider giving the gift of life.

"We just thought hey why not spread the word and see if anybody out there will be wiling to do something like this," says Josh.

Their campaign, "A kidney for Jim Filzen," is a true team effort and their support to save their husband, dad and grandfather has brought this close family, even closer.

"I guess it just shows the love they have for me and boy I just got to love them right back. It's really special," says Filzen.

If anything, the family hopes their efforts encourage people to become live donors.

Josh says, "it happens every day. I think there are over 100,000 people that are currently looking for a

donation that are on the transplant list."

For more information or donation options, visit www.akidneyforjimfilzen.com