Disabled Athletes Score At Hoopfest

SPOKANE, Wash. - Disabled Athletes Score At Hoopfest

One of the best parts about Spokane's Hoopfest is that anyone can play! Age, skill level, disability - it doesn't matter!

Rolling Thunder is one of 11 teams who played in Hoopfest's Wheelchair Division for Team St. Lukes.

Josh Brewer is one of the athletes on the team who can drain a basket, steal and dribble like a pro.

"When you are in a wheelchair, your parents can't be like, 'Oh you could do this, you could do that,' you have to figure it out on your own," Brewer said.

Brewer has had a lot to figure out over his 17 years. As a kid, he lived on the streets in Ethiopia. Then, got hit by a train at 10-years-old losing both his legs and part of his right arm. Brewer got adopted, moved to America and has let nothing stop him. This year he played in his fourth Hoopfest with teammate Kyle Bocook.

"It's so intense, you just get your head in the game and you just go," Bocook said.

Both Brewer and Bocook left it all on the court for the Hoopfest weekend. They're aggressive, intense and most of all: inspirational.

"Keep going even if you are in a wheelchair just keep going, nothing can hold you back," Brewer said.

"We just keep on going - just don't let it stop you," Bocook said.

Both of these athletes prove you don't have to be able to walk to play basketball. All you need is two wheels and a winning attitude.

"You work hard for it, got to get a little emotion in there," Brewer said.