Come rain or shine Hoopfest will go on

Come rain or shine Hoopfest will go on

SPOKANE, Wash. - This year, as they have in the past, organizers are preparing for the possibility of a wet Hoopfest weekend, though even if the weather isn't ideal it won't stop people from playing ball.

As teams checked in Friday for the world's largest three on three basketball tournament they aren't just talking about game time strategy, they're also keeping an eye on the skies.

While it's been raining Thursday and Friday, the rain won't deter Hoopfest organizer Randy Smith.

"Games go on," he said. "About the only thing that will stop a basketball game is lightning so if that comes around, we may close it off until it passes."

As for the worst time for it to rain, that would be Friday evening, because that's when Hoopfest organizers will be laying down court tape, and it won't stick if the streets are wet.

But Smith and his legion of volunteers are pros, and he knows what to do if it ends up raining through Saturday (which it might).

"We have weed burners that will heat the pavement to dry the pavement off, we also have chalk," he said.