Hometown Olympic Dreams: Jeshua Anderson

"Any medal will do, but the gold medal is preferred," former Washington State track star Jeshua Anderson says.

And Anderson has the ability and confidence to be the very best.

"He's the combination of the guy with the most physical talent that's also the most committed, and dedicated, and works the hardest," Anderson's track coach Mark Macdonald comments.

Anderson proved that in college where he ran... and won... several times a year. Now that he's turned pro... he's racing less... but has more time to 'focus' on his craft...

"Last year I had a great year so I figured out how to run my race," Anderson says.

Macdonald adds, "400 hurdles is kind of a constant learning process of how to run it, and through the years, we've tried different ways. We've kind of settled on a way that he feels the best."

And he'll run somewhere he's already been the best... having won a National Championship on the very track in which he'll be trying to qualify on in Eugene.

"The wind usually blows in a certain way and he has that figured out, and just the memories of last year - I think for sure it's an advantage," Macdonald says.

"You know that wind on that back stretch over there, we've got it here Pullman," Anderson says.

Which is one of the reasons the Southern Cal native elected to stay on campus to prepare for his ultimate goal.

"I didn't want to get out of the routine of that hard running, that running in snow and that actually helps me out. I love being here, I love the atmosphere and I can just purely focus on what I need to be doing."

Hometown Olympic Dreams: Jeshua Anderson

Which is now finishing in the top three at the U.S. Team Trials, to secure his spot in London.

"Man it'd mean a lot to me, especially putting that Team USA on my chest, representing my country. I've been feeling good running well... go out and make that team," Anderson beams.

And realize his dream of coming back to Pullman with a medal... gold is preferred.

Qualifying for the 400m hurdles begins on June 28th in Eugene, Oregon.