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VIDEO: Jake Groh Shines For Bullpups

Spokane, Wash. - Jake Groh might not be the most talented player on Gonzaga Prep, but his impact goes way beyond the box score.

"If you were to look at the type of kid that we want - the type of kid that we foster, it's Jacob Groh. Not only with what he does in the classroom, but the way he treats his peers, on and off the basketball court, walking up and down the halls," said Matty McIntyre.

Jake Groh Shines For Bullpups

Groh is a role player for the Bullpups - a senior willing to do whatever it takes to win games.

"I don't go out there thinking I have to score 20 [points] every night,"  said Groh.  I go out there - I'm going to do what I can - what I've planned to do."

McIntyre added, "He does all the intangibiles.  When it's time to score he can score, when it's time to defend, he'll defend.  His work ethic is outstanding."

A work ethic that's helped the two-sport athlete maintain a 3.87 GPA.

"My parents always hounded into me 'good time management'.  I'm always doing schoolwork - after school, before practice," said Groh

Jake's long-term goal is to become a physical therapist.  In the short-term, he and his teammates would like to make a deep run into the post-season.

"I feel like we can get to the district championships, Groh added.  "I hope that we can do well there.  And I want to make it to the dome - that's everybody's goal senior year."

And maybe even deliver GPrep's 2nd state title in the last three years.  With the Bullpups, Tom Giles.