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Shining Star: Pullman's Jake Staniszewski

PULLMAN, Wash. - It's the name on the front of the jersey - not the back - that matters.  And in the case of this week's shining star, "Pullman" is much easier to pronounce than "Staniszewski".

"I've heard 'Stan-a-zoo-ski' 'Stan-a-juice-ski' 'stan-a-boo-ski' ... anything you can think of, I've heard it," says Jake Staniszewski, a senior at Pullman High School.

That's changing, as the Pullman senior has given opponents a reason to remember the name.

Shining Star: Pullman's Jake Staniszewski

"People are learning it, between football season and now wrestling - it's getting out there a little bit," says head wrestling coach Ryan Scaggs.  "Yeah, it's been kind of nice this year as a senior they've been kind of getting my name right," echoes Staniszewski.

Most GNL football teams would rather forget Staniszewski after he racked up 1700 yards and 16 touchdowns, delivering in the clutch for the league-champion Greyhounds.

"He just doesn't panic," says Scaggs.  "He has that calmness about him that he doesn't let the best of the situation get to him."

Now the 152-lb is making a name for himself on the mat, where he's off to a 5-0 start.

"He's just one of those kids that you can always count on, just because he works so hard, it's a product of his work-ethic," says Scaggs.

Determination fueled by the fact that Jake finished one point shy of qualifying for state as a junior.

"Every time we're in here running sprints or we're live-wrestling, I just think about how close I was last year to making my dreams and how I just want to make it to state this year so bad," says Staniszewski.

And continue to make a name for himself along the way.