Gonzaga Bulldogs

Traveling to see the Zags in Salt Lake City?

SPOKANE, Wash. - Students at Gonzaga were ecstatic over the Zags number one seed. They say going to school at GU and in Spokane at a time like this, is something they'll never forget.

They could never have imagined how this year would go, but their confidence is growing.

The Zags, and their fans, will have to travel over 700 miles to get to Salt Lake City.

Traveling to see the Zags in Salt Lake City?

Fans are fired up and ready to hit the road! If you do, be prepared to shell out a little green to get to the game.

If you plan to fly, Southwest is the cheapest option. At last check, the lowest priced option was a $542 round-trip ticket.

If flying is out of your budget, then plan a road trip but expect about a 10 and a half hour drive.

Triple A estimates gas will cost anywhere from $200-$300 round-trip, depending on your car. If you split that with a few friends, you could end up paying about $50 each.

There's lots of hotels in downtown Salt Lake right by the Energy Solutions Arena. To find a good deal, you can "Name Your Own Price" on Priceline or try Hotwire.

If you want to be adventurous and save some dough, try couchsurfing.org!

Stubhub still has tickets available. They start at $60.

"It would be really cool to say we were able to watch Gonzaga while they were number one in the tournament," GU student Andrew Zenner said.

Students like Zenner might have to miss a few classes in order to go to the tournament, but many say making life-long March Madness memories would be worth it!