Gonzaga Bulldogs

No pressure: Stockton returns to play in dad's house

SALT LAKE CITY - As they head along Stockton Drive, up to the arena with a statue of NBA legend John Stockton outside while his jersey hangs from the rafters inside, there won't be any pressure to perform on any of the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Especially on Zags Guard David Stockton, John's son.

A lot of the Zags said this month it's an honor to be No. 1 and an honor to be a one seed. For the younger Stockton, it's an honor -- and some pressure -- to play on his dad's old home court.

When you walk around the Energy Solutions Arena for a while you'll notice giant posters of new Jazz basketball players but you can only find two who've been immortalized.

"He wasn't the go to guy, he was the give-to guy. He was incredible," John Emmerich said. Emmerich does maintenance on the grounds at the arena. He said that no one was more deserving than John Stockton for the accolades he's received from the community.

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"I don't know what happened to him here, but somebody lit a fire under him, I mean he was good every day," Emmerich said.

The roadway, the statue, the retired Utah Jazz #12 jersey, all of the accolades from his NBA career aside, John Stockton might argue that one of his greatest accomplishments will take to the court he once played on Thursday.

"Definitely a super cool opportunity, but you know, I really can't describe it. It's awesome," David Stockton said.

David was born in Salt Lake City and said he's happy to be back, to be on the court his dad dominated for years.

"I love this place. This is one of my homes," he said.

People in the arena should get the idea of who's stepping on to the court when the Zags play the Jaguars Thursday.

"As soon as they announce it properly and tell them who it is, it's going to stir some people around here," Emmerich said.