Former Chiefs great Tyler Johnson training for NHL

Former Spokane Chiefs great Tyler Johnson has proved there is nothing he can't do in the ice. But this summer, he's making gains... by staying off of it.

"We lace up the skates so many times during the season and it weighs on you. So it's good to be able to get away from it for a little bit," Johnson says.

That doesn't mean he's taking it easy. Just ask APX Strength's Drew Buchkoski.

"You see just a massive transformation in his body already in 3 weeks. He's lost a lot of body fat, he's increasing lean body mass, his flexibility, his nutrition, we've cleaned him up a lot too."

Buchkoski is making Johnson use muscles he never knew he had.

"You have no idea, some days you walk in and they tell you what you're going to do and your first reaction is like, what? What am I going to be doing here. It's just a bunch of different exercises, a lot of band work that normally that you don't do," Johnson says.

Buchkoski adds, "I think Tyler is benefitting greatly from this just because he's never stretched his body so much, done this type of functional work before."

Former Chiefs great Tyler Johnson training for NHL

Johnson has seen the gains. He's recovered from a nagging shoulder injury and says he's put on 10 pounds.

"I've never been over 180 in my life, so it was quite a joy when I was able to step on the scale and see that, and it's been pretty cool," Johnson recalls."

But there's still lots of work to do.

"He's got another 3-4 weeks, and then I think he'll be right there where he needs to be to make that huge transition," Buchkoski adds.

From the AHL to the NHL. Johnson hopes to stick with the Tampa Bay Lightning this September.

"Obviously, there are a few spots open that the young guys are going to be battling for, so it's going to be tough and it's going to be a grind and I've got to go to Tampa and try to play my best and try to make them want to keep me there," Johnson says.

Making this time off the ice so valuable... when he steps back on it.