EWU Eagles

Ultimate Frisbee team tries for world record

CHENEY, Wash. - Gonzaga isn't the only local school trying to make a name for themselves in the sports history books. The Eastern Washington Eagles are trying to break one of their own records.

"We're trying to break the record for the longest ultimate game ever played," said Ultimate Frisbee player Zachary Ranck.

Ultimate Frisbee team tries for world record

The current record is 85 hours. The team started playing around 10 Friday morning, and to beat their old record they'll have to play until late Monday night.

"You have to do a lot of running," said grad student Michael Leacham. "I think we figured out it's about three or four marathons over this whole thing that we are doing."

The two teams have worked out a schedule that allows for eating and sleeping, and everyone says this is an event they'll remember for a lifetime.

"All year we have poured our heart and soul into the game and practice," Ranck added. "Now we get an opportunity to do something that no one else can say they did."