Sicilia prepares to make UFC debut

Published On: Oct 10 2012 06:47:29 PM PDT   Updated On: Oct 10 2012 09:26:24 PM PDT

Sam Sicilia is ready.

"He's looking fricking good man... I really think we're going to go down to Brazil and do some damage," training partner and Ultimate Fighter champ Mike Chiesa says.

Sicilia did plenty of damage in his last fight, beating Christiano Marcello by knockout in June.

"Fighting is pretty simple really... that guy on the other side of the cage has got to go, that's it," Sicilia says. 

Next up is UFC 153, and the Brazilian Ultimate Fighter champ Rony Jason.

"He's a good, tough opponent," Sicilia claims. 

But the fight will be on Jason's weight of 145 pounds, and on his turf in Brazil.

"He has a little gimmick he has, he comes out with his hockey mask on and I'm a no gimmick fighter," Sicilia says.  "If he came walking in this gym right now needing to fight, I could beat him up so I am just ready to go down there to do it in front of his people."

It would be an extraordinary accomplishment. Sam's trainer, Rick Little, says only one non-Brazilian has ever captured a UFC event on Brazilian soil.

"I know why they picked him, because it's not going to faze him as much as it would other people," Little says.

Sicilia adds, "I'm the away team and I can deal with it, I am happy with it, I really am."

Chiesa will also fight a Brazilian in December. He's using Sicilia's fight as extra motivation.

"Seeing Sam go in there and knock this guy out is just going to be extra motivation for me to go in there and do the same... it's almost ironic we're both fighting Brazilians. It's like Spokane vs. Brazil right now."

Sicilia is ready. And he plans to end this fight the same way he did his last.

"One of us will get shut-off, and I've been training so it's him."