Yet another thing to keep in mind when filling out your bracket.

No. 1: Stay true to your school

Even if your school isn't seeded high this year, it's usually a good idea to fill out at least one bracket with your team advancing far.

This way you don't have to choose between rooting for your school or your bracket, and you can be excited if your team happens to pull an upset to advance into the late rounds.

The same can go for teams in your conference. If you can't decide between two schools, picking the squad that plays in your conference is a noble choice.

And never discount sentimentality. After all, a team sometimes needs to reach deep when it has to win six straight hotly contested games on the big stage to capture a national title.

So consider the "win one for coach" rallying cry. It worked wonders for North Carolina coach Roy Williams when he won his first title in 2005. Which team is going to get that extra burst this year? Could it be Bo Ryan in Wisconsin? John Thompson III with Georgetown? Mark Few with Gonzaga? Maybe San Diego State's Steve Fisher?

Only time will tell.